Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bailey Bag Break-down

Ever wonder what people keep in their BaileyWorks bags? I was surfing around Flickr and found some interesting bag dump-outs. Click the following photos to see a break-down of what these riders carry in their Baileyworks bags.

What do you keep in yours?


Monday, October 24, 2011

According To My Opinion

Each year BaileyWorks sponsors Richard Sachs' cyclocross team. Take a look at some of the bags we made this season!

See more HERE.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Premium Rush

Have you ever wondered how clothing for movies gets that "aged" look? Columbia Pictures used a few brand new BaileyWorks bags for their new film, Premium Rush, and believe it or not, it was somebody's job to beat them up. The bags were sent back to us looking 5-10 years cool! Our bags once again prove themselves to indeed be, freakishly strong.

I'm actually excited to see this in theaters. I'm sure the bike stunts will be great, but I'll be playing "Where's Waldo?" for Bailey bags.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moving along

Hello all. Lots of exciting things have happened since the introduction of The Swift to our line up of bags. We've added another back-pack-style bag: The RoadRunner, and we've refreshed our Kit Courier. It's now better than ever!

And perhaps the most exciting news is that we've moved from the old Button Factory in Portsmouth to the old Mill on Main Street in Newmarket, NH.

Newmarket, NH from the sky

The historic mill building sits along the Lamprey River, directly in the heart of town. Once the economic engine of the seacoast community, the building is now undergoing renovations and becoming home to many exciting new businesses, including us.

Tower at the Newmarket Mill

Newmarket is beautiful, and it's especially nice right now with the leaves and air changing for Fall. We couldn't be happier here at BaileyWorks. Our shop is now just as unique as our bags.

Putting a few fall colors on our new iron "bag tree"

Another addition to the new shop is viewing windows! Come by and watch BaileyWorks bags being made in the mill.

Visit us today:

Newmarket, NH 03857