Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Hello, Mr. Byrne!

Hello Nation,

We just did a big run of SuperPros for our friends and idols at Transportation Alternatives.
They are the largest and smartest of the big city bike and ped advocacy groups - a close working relationship with the city gives them wonderful influence. Instead of the city inventing policy on their own they have a very engaged and informed partner to work with. The Bloomberg administration several years ago worked to introduce a congestion pricing system to Manhattan (Read: Charge cars admission to drive downtown and reduce congestion and pollution). Trans Alt built that plan - it didn't pass, but it's not dead yet. We have been donating custom printed bags to them for four or five years now. They give them to volunteers and auction them off to raise funds.

David Byrne is also a fan of theirs (as we are of him). He just wrote a book, "Bicycle Dairies," full of his musings about riding in cities all over the world. Mr. Byrne is no Lycra-clad, heartbeat-monitor-wearing newbie to riding bikes. I understand his mount of choice to be an old English three speed (mine too). He seems a man who rides the same way a 12-year-old rides. BECAUSE IT IS SO FUN. Anyway, he helps out the Dept. of Transportation when he can and is also a big supporter of Transportation Alternatives.
So here we are. TA generated art work that took the book cover and put it onto our bag. We built a big run of them and they will go along to readings and book signings in other cities. The proceeds will support the work TA does. Everybody wins.

-Jon B.


Shereen said...

how do I get one of these bags?? Great book

boleroid said...

Byrne is actually a Jansport kind of guy.