Saturday, December 26, 2009

We love you too, Back Alley Bikes

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a recent blog post from one of our beloved the original here.

Bailey Works Messenger Bags

By backalleybikes

My XL Bailey Works SuperPro messenger bag is six years old and feels like a favorite hoodie. Over the course of my three year stint as a bike messenger, this bag hauled loads in excess of 60 lbs. more often than any bag should. A bag that can comfortably fit 8 reams of paper, extra clothing, bike tools, lunch, and coffee is a good bag. One that can keep all this stuff dry through a torrential downpour is a great bag.

I paid $150 for my bag in 2003. At the time it felt like a small fortune, but this bag has outlived several of my bicycles. My bag doesn’t endure the same abuse it once did, but it’s still there when I need it.

There are lots of messenger bags on the market, and most of them are very high quality and share a lot of the features of the Bailey bags, but in my experience the Baileys have the most bag for the buck, which is why we stock them. There’s lots of sizes and colors, and we always have a few at the shop.

Bailey Works Messenger Bags are excellent bags for the year-round cyclist. Waterproof, comfortable, voluminous, durable, American-made, and modestly priced, what’s not to love?

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