Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paper Labels: Design Collaboration Friday February 12th: Boston

Paper Labels is a design project uniting Independent Fabrication (Somerville, MA), Bodega(Boston, MA) and BaileyWorks (Portsmouth, NH)- three local DIY crews hellbent on creating the best in their respective fields.
Paper labels of vintage and dead stock spray paint serves as the palette upon which the three concept bikes, four cycling bags and three graphic t-shirts were created.

The color scheme and iconography of Paper Labels was derived from Bodega's archive of discontinued vintage spray paint which is heavily sought after and hunted for by collectors. These colors were popularized by the 80's graffiti culture. Krylon Aqua Turquoise #2008, Krylon O.D. Khaki #2301, and Krylon Metallic Blue #1903 serve as the foundation for the bikes color schemes.
Additional graphics for the bikes were created referencing some designs from other old vintage can labels, such as Diamond Finish and Smooth Coat. Only 15 of each model will be made and will include the matching bag(s), t-shirt and a can of spray paint mixed and labeled just for each bike.

So... introducing: The Duck Hunter:

The Higgins:

and.... The Mellow Fellow:

The project will be unveiled on Friday February 12th at 8pm at the FourthWall Gallery, 132 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA.

Items from this project can be purchased by contacting us here at BaileyWorks.

Download PDFabout the project HERE.

P.S. also expect to see (at the FourthWall) a preview of some of the bags that we are working on for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show which takes place in Richmond, VA on February 26th-28th 2010.

We will also have on hand for sale a number of limited edition bags made from banners re-purposed from the Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza architectural project:

See you there!

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